Kamworks Ltd
Sector: Consumer Goods, Energy, Manufacturing / Industry & Engineering / Conglomerate, Retail
Chapter: Benelux

#FS4, Street 199, Tomnup Toek, Chamkar Morn, Phnom Penh
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Established by solar engineers in 2006, Kamworks is Cambodia’s leading solar energy company.
Kamworks designs, builds and services solar energy systems for large roofs, in order to produce electricity cheaper than EDC. Payback times for large solar roofs are in the range of 3-5 years.
Kamworks also develops solar farms for large scale electricity production for special economic zones and industrial parks.
Kamworks operates as EPC contractor for solar projects in Cambodia. Kamworks offers PAYGO solar systems for rural homes to distribution companies in and outside Cambodia. These systems are remotely controlled through a data connection for better payment compliance and service, can be sold on credit and repaid with mobile money.



Kamworks has the longest track record of grid connected solar energy projects in Cambodia. Kamworks employs over 10 expat solar energy specialists, back up by a team of Cambodian staff. Kamworks is a clean business, is fully compliant with Cambodian law and has audited financial accounts.

Since 2006, Kamworks has directly impacted over 220,000 rural lives. Kamworks has won multiple awards by Worldbank, ADB, etc and has conducted projects for many of the big donors. It has partnerships with leading companies such as Cellcard, WING mobile money, Vision Fund, SMA inverters, Don Bosco, global consultancy ERM, Kiva.org, etc.


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