Dominique Catry
Sector: Engineering, Retail, Healthcare
Chapter: French

#339A RN1 Veal Sbov, Chbar Ampov, Phnom Penh
  • +855 12 803461


  • Manufacturing of electrical switchboards, distribution of electrical components (ATS)
  • Chain of Pharmacies ( Ucare Pharmacies)
  • Chain of Convenience Stores (Kiwi Marts)
  • Distribution of foodstuff and household items (Arthemis)


  • Founder and former owner of Comin Asia Group
  • Chairman of Advanced Technical Supplies (ATS) Co.Ltd
  • Chairman of New Care Pharma
  • Chairman of Arthemis Co. Ltd (Kiwi Marts)
  • Managing Director of Vinatrade Limited and Utilitrade Ltd
  • Director of OBOR Capital
  • Co-Founder of CCIFC and Eurocham Cambodia