Gras Savoye Cambodia Insurance Brokers Plc
Sector: Insurance
Chapter: French

21, Samdach Pan Avenue (214)
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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Gras Savoye is the largest French insurance broker with more than 3700 employees and an integrated network of over 50 countries. Based in Asia since 1993, with offices in Cambodia and Vietnam, as well asin the other ASEANcountries, Gras Savoye consults and arranges Corporate Insurance Solutions based on extensive knowledge and a successful experience of both local and International markets. Innovation has constantly supported and stimulated the growth of Gras Savoye. It has allowed us to become a true global player since establishment in 1907, guaranteeing clients the most suitable protection for their tangible and intangible assets. We have three core activities: insurance consultancy, reinsurance and risk management; and bring our Customers the following added value:
• Global experience, negotiation ability for local and international insurance deals
• Expertise in settlement of complex insurance claims
• Insurance consultancy services in French, English, Khmer but also Korean and Japanese Languages
• Acting on behalf and in the best interest of the customer



Cao Minh Son
Managing Director

+ 855 97 853 9999
Philippe Robineau
Regional Manager

+84 (0) 906 203 202