Grandis Timber Limited
Sector: Agro-Industry
Chapter: Direct EuroCham

#38D Street 494, Phsar Doeum Thkov, Phnom Penh
  • +855 23 222 173


Grandis Timber Ltd. Is the leading forestry company at the foreground of forestry and agricultural development in Cambodia. The company is not just the only FSC certified forestry company but is also the only company attracting widely diverse interest from NGO’s, Universities, students and government departments in regards to best practices for business in Cambodia and the forestry industry.

We are the suppliers of the following products and services:

  • Quality high value timber
  • Fire wood supply (certified)
  • Pole sales (certified)
  • Re forestation
  • Community development
  • Conservation and restoration
  • Sustainable forestry
  • FSC Certification
  • Sustainability consultation
  • Watershed management
  • Environmental education
  • Fire prevention


Grandis Timber Ltd is a Cambodian Reforestation company registered in 2009 with a 50-year contract for an agricultural ELC.

Grandis Timber Ltd. is the only FSC certified reforestation company developing agro industrial assets which is attractive to institutional investors in Cambodia.

This is done through the responsible and sustainable development of a teak project, using agroforestry projects to enhance the soil quality, increase fertility and cycling nutrients, whilst reducing emissions from equipment usage.

Grandis Timber Ltd. Involves local communities, students and NGO’s through a mutual beneficial system to develop this area to an example of sustainable development in Cambodia and Asia.


Theary Prou
General Manager- Corporate Services

+855 17 666 242
Lina Hong
Sustainability Manager

+855 17 666 435