Dewhirst (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
Sector: Consumer Goods, Manufacturing / Industry & Engineering / Conglomerate, Textile / Garment
Chapter: Direct EuroCham

Phum Toul Pong-ro
Sangkat Chom Chao
Khan Dangkor
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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Leader in Men, Women and children wear. Dewhirst is at the forefront of technical and design innovations in garment manufacture. We manage production from prototype to shipping and ensure stringent capacity planning for optimised use of facilities.
Our global network of wholly owned and partner factories in prime locations enables us to manage a streamlined, results driven manufacturing process. Control of our own facilities allows us to plan rigorously and manage risk by reacting flexibly to your requirements and external circumstances. We have the capacity, technical skill and infrastructure to maintain your critical path without compromise on quality.
Dewhirst Group (Cambodia) is a private company founded since 1881, offering job opportunities to people. The Company is leader in fashion design, development, sourcing and manufacturing.
They produce men, women and children apparel throughout the world. Its manufacturing facility in Cambodia employs 2,000 employees-workers. Dewhirst is committed to a high standard in ethical and eco compliance, delivering a number of medical, social, educational and environmental initiatives to the benefit of its workers as well as to the Cambodian communities. The company is proud to open the first Cambodian library in its facility.





Ian Mcbeth
Site Director

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David Paul Forster
Finance Director

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Vong Ratha
HR Manager

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