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Through Legal-e, EuroCham wants to build a better knowledge of Cambodia’s legal framework amongst its members. By having transparent access to Cambodia’s legislation and regulatory framework, EuroCham members are more resilient and can more easily navigate doing business in Cambodia in compliance with the law.

Legal-e is an ever-developing tool. Currently, we provide free access to about 400 Cambodian legal texts and tens of (unofficial) English translations. We are working hard to expand Legal-e every day and will soon also provide easy access to policy documents, templates and other useful sources.

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As knowledge sharing is one of the cornerstones of our members’ network, Legal-e also wants to be a peer-to-peer platform. Should you have any suggestions or wish to share legislation and/or translations you have available, we warmly invite you to do so by sending your contribution to: Our team will take care of the rest. Your company will receive full, public credit on the documents uploaded to Legal-e. Thank you very much for your contribution.

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