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Job Details
  • Location: Phnom Penh
  • Career Level:
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Salary Range: 1200 to 2000
  • Start Date: Sun 01 September, 2019
  • Application Deadline: Sat 31 August, 2019
Job Description

Scope of work:

The Bodia Spa manager in Phnom Penh is at the lead of operations and strategic decision in its Spa activities. He/ she is in charge to maintain the level of service and quality by ensuring sufficient human resources, training and monitoring of the activity.


Functions & responsibilities:

  1. Human resources

Bodia Spa manager is in charge of ensuring a permanent en sufficient recruitment of all Bodia Spa operational staff in cooperation with the HR & Admin supervisor (supervisors, receptionist, therapists, cleaners).

By managing the team wisely he/she ensures the proficiency of spa operation, wellness of all team members and maintain a positive team spirit among all working shifts.

  1. Reporting
    1. Sales report

Spa Manager shall have a daily/ weekly / monthly/ yearly view over its Spa sales performance. He/ She monitor sales in cooperation with Sales manager as per the performance objectives and ensure a clear knowledge and reading to implement actions that will lead to target achievements.

  1. Marketing & promotion report

Spa Manager shall have a daily / weekly / monthly / yearly view over the Marketing and communication efficiency around the Spa. Magazines, advertising, vouchers, partnerships should be followed up by him / her in order to optimize the marketing and communication budget return.

  1. Therapists working performances

Spa Manager shall monitor with Spa manager assistant the staff rosters and performance in term of work quantity and quality so the hours of treatment are fairly spread across the therapists available. He / she shall also be able to optimize the individual qualities of therapists to always achieve the best service to customers.

Spa manager is in charge of controlling the therapist payroll report to be communicated to accounting before end of each month for salary payments.

  1. Customers feedback

Spa Manager shall place his / her attention in monitoring the customer’s feedback. Either by collecting comments directly from customers after treatment, Bodia treatment questionnaire analysis, through tripadvisor or any public media.

  1. Employee meeting

Spa Manager shall organize weekly / monthly employee meeting and edit the minutes to be communicated to all staff and management for close tracking of open issues and expectations.  Communicates clearly and directly with employees supervised concerning performance expectations, productivity, and accountability.  Addressed all aspects of human resource functions and employee reviews, conflict resolution and documentation.   Maintains team preparedness constantly training staff.  Coordinates all orientation and training functions for new and existing staff members within his/her supervisory scope.  Ensures that staff is fully knowledgeable on the use and benefits of services, products, programs, marketing and promotions.


  1. Staff training and internal skills monitoring:

Ensure proper internal training and guarantee Bodia top quality (massage & treatment, receptionists welcoming, Spa cleanliness…)

By closely monitoring the staff skills, Spa manager should be able to establish the list of training needs from internal and external trainer and guarantee a proper schedule for each staff to reach the level of knowledge required. (Staff progression list, training schedules monitoring, external trainer contact and quotation.

Spa manager must maintain a strict and permanent protocol of work with all team members. Protocols shall be as per company requirements and updated according to managers needs and judgment.

  1. Ensure the maintenance of internal skills.

Spa Manager shall coordinate with top management, Bodia Spa Siem Reap and all internal resources to ensure that corporate knowledge of Bodia Spa is secured (treatments, massage skills, recipes…). Training programs shall be duly registered and secured on internal confidential training supports. Spa Manager shall guarantee the security of those supports.


  1. Operational tasks

As a team leader, the Spa manager is capable of performing all booking and guest welcoming tasks, set up a room as per Bodia’s protocol, perform inventory of all material and control all operations performed into the Spa service activity. Control cash collection and invoices paid. Investigate all possible breach into the process that may lead to potential cheating and secure the protocol.

Expectation:  Standard operating procedures are maintained at all times.  Reports, inventory, feedback, suggested changes are beneficial, accurate, and timely.


  1. Expenses control

Spa manager is in charge of controlling and optimizing the expenses of the Spa operational costs. He/ she shall track all invoices and make sure the daily expenses and stocks are controlled and protected.


  1. Maintains a commitment to the company vision and the “spirit” of the organization. 

Expectation:  Company commitment is consistent and positive.


  1. Spa industry benchmark

Closely observes matters pertaining to competition (sites, prices, services offered on a regular basis – quarterly or more often if need to be).


  1. Represent Bodia Spa at social and business events

The Spa sale & Marketing manager shall attend beneficial events for the Bodia brand (Spa and nature) in cooperation with Sales Manager to promote the brand in any occasion: Eurocham, CCFC, Ministry of Commerce or Tourism, District sellers community…


  1. Monitor general image of Bodia Spa to keep it at its best level

Communicate and monitor with Spa team in order to report all maintenance details that needs improvement and follow up to maintain a good image at Bodia Spa.

  • Nationality : KHMER
  • Language: Khmer and English should be fluently spoken, written and understood.
  • Work experience of minimum 5 years in the hospitality business in Cambodia or abroad or have  strong leadership experience.
  • Organized, detailed orientated.
  • Natural leadership and used to work in team.
How to Apply

Send CV and cover letter to :