Job Details
  • Location: Cambodia
  • Career Level:
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Salary Range:
  • Start Date: Wed 28 November, 2018
  • Application Deadline: Fri 28 December, 2018
Job Description

Reports Functionally : Operations Manager

Medical Services Reports Directly : Branch Manager Cambodia

Direct Administrative : MS remote site staff, Medical Services Reports

The Medical Services Assistant Operations Manager provides operational support for International SOS medical services activities and as such directly assists the Operations Manager in handling day-to-day operations by:

  1. Providing operational management, coordination and support for International SOS medical services activities, consistent with contractual commitments and Group standards. This may include managing the interface between Human Resources, Logistics, Procurement, Medical, Assistance Centre and Marketing in support of the delivery of site medical services.
  2. Ensuring the delivery of competent and professional operational support through the development of a strong and robust Medical Services Operations organisation.
  3. Developing Intl.SOS / Client relationships at Medical Services locations. Work with the Client to ensure their needs and perceptions are clearly defined and that Intl.SOS is delivering the expected and agreed level of service.
  4. Ensure that the Medical Service is a quality, professional and cost efficient business unit.

Main Responsibility

Operations & Site Support

  • Visit Medical Services project sites on a regular basis.
  • Maintain good relationship with Client management (Medical Director, HSE managers, on- site management team) and meet them on a regular basis.
  • Develop and maintain a supportive and coordinating approach with site staff.
  • Assist Site Medical Personnel in case of operational issues.
  • Ensure International SOS Policies and Procedures are adhered to at all times.
  • Maintenance of data accuracy for all sites and staff in liaison with the Site Liaison Officer in charge.
  • Ensure that there is an effective and timely communication of any problems or potential problems which may jeopardize site relationships / client relationships or evoke a client complaint.
  • Ensure site communication occurs in line with the International SOS Medical Services structure.
  • Track and monitor any Assistance cases and liaise with International SOS Assistance Centre.
  • The MS Assistant Ops Manager is responsible for escalation of issues and should coordinate required responses in consultation with the Operations Manager and the Medical Director.

Staff Communication, Support & Training

  • Assist the Operations Manager in conducting induction for new staff.
  • Ensure staff members receive training and advice on the relevant contract requirements with the client (Scope of work).
  • Maintain a professional, supportive attitude to all site staff.
  • Maintain effective communication processes with all site staff.
  • Foster a positive attitude amongst staff and teams.
  • Arrange or provide First Aid Training programs for clients if required.


  • Maintaining the accuracy and deadlines for completion of all required reports and data.
  • Maintain records and reports for all allocated responsibilities to ensure accountability and availability of information, including Monthly Management Review.
  • Develop a system for sharing of information and communication of report results.
  • Provide monthly summary reports to Clients if required.
  • Collation of data to identify trends and/or recurrent site problems and initiate appropriate actions in consultation with the Site Liaison Officer, the Operations Manager and the Medical Director to remedy areas of concern.

Monthly Administration / Audit Tasks

  • Ensure that scheduled administration and audit tasks are effectively communicated to all sites and that communication has been confirmed and logged.
  • Ensure tasks have been completed by recording site feedback as per time frame specified.
  • Ensure Monthly administration / audit reports are forwarded to the Quality Supervisor as well as the Operations Manager.

Procurement, Inventory Maintenance & Control

  • Manage purchasing of drugs and medical equipment in liaison with the Medical Supply Chain Manager and the Operations Manager if required.
  • Maintain sound management of all drugs and disposables used on medical Services sites through an inventory control system.
  • Ensure accuracy of site inventories is maintained in all areas. This includes review of monthly variance reports, usage costs and investigation of unexplained usage/cost increase.
  • Development and maintenance of standard site inventories with agreed processes for justification of ordering medications and disposables outside of standard inventory.
  • Maintain records of staff uniform allocations, return and replacement.
  • Coordinate logistics for staff uniform supply ensuring all staff wear correct uniform.

Documentation / Communication

  • Attend, contribute to and report medical services activity at management meetings.
  • Compile and deliver a monthly report to the Operations Manager and Medical Services Medical Director.
  • Ensure that all other documentation to support activities is maintained as required by inventory, stock, accounting or administration needs.
  • Ensure that all procedures, policies and company information are maintained to the latest date issued in accordance with the Continuous Quality Improvement policy.
  • Ensure that an efficient patient/client comments and complaints resolution procedure is in place.
  • Provide any other tasks or responsibilities that may from time to time be requested by the Operations Manager.


  • Ensure that medical facilities are maintained to an operational standard of professional excellence.
  • Ensure that all staff aware of, and comply with, daily operating and internal procedures.
  • Attend weekly and/or monthly meetings of medical and administration staff as directed by the Operations Manager to report on and discuss issues relating to the operation and improvement of services and activities.
  • Be able to work any shift according to roster and requirements.
  • Perform temporary locum (back-up) whenever an on-site medic is unable to do his rotation or any other assignment that may be required by the Company.



Required Skills/Knowledge

  • A thorough and professional working knowledge of the site/s and staff working on the site/s and their rotational requirements. Understanding of the specific functions of the Medical Services departments.
  • The development of supportive interaction processes with all site and support staff that promotes the development of professional and effective communication.
  • Punctuality and good attendance at work.
  • A very high level of customer service commitment within the Medical Services team at all times.
  • Excellent teamwork and the development of relationships that promote a high level of trust and integrity within the team and towards other departments.
  • Generating of enthusiasm within the team and with sites.
  • Good PC skills (Word, Excel, International SOS etc).
  • Excellent Problem solving skills.
  • A high level of oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to effectively manage a team to maximize the quality of deliverables
  • Data Accuracy

Required Work Experience

  • Have at least 1 year experience working on remote sites
  • Appropriate experience and/or understanding of the Medical Services environment
  • Relevant experience in customer service

Required Behavioural Skills

  • Good communicator
  • Staff coaching capabilities
  • Even tempered and patient
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Team player

Travel Requirements

  • Frequent travel to sites will be required

Required Languages

  • Be able to communicate in English and Khmer


How to Apply

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter in English to