Event Info:

  • Mon 05 April, 2021
  • 08:00
  • Factory Phnom Penh
  • EuroCham Event


Due to the recent community outbreak of Covid-19, EuroCham has decided to postpone our Powerpoint & Public Speaking Masterclass. The course will be held on right after the outbreak at The FACTORY Phnom Penh.

Want to Improve your Presentation Skills?

We're pleased to announce that our popular PowerPoint course is back. We have seen good presentations, like a Steve Jobs product launch or a TED talk or on YouTube, however, we rarely get excited about the idea of a business presentation. The presentations we choose to listen to have drastically different features such as beautiful slide designs, speaker tonality changes, memorable start & endings, innovative data demonstration and interactive tools.

Most organisations today use Microsoft PowerPoint as an integral part of their daily work. Whether to sell a product, vision, or idea, or to inform an eager audience of their latest program results - most professionals will have to master the art of designing and delivering a PowerPoint talk.

Today, very few use PowerPoint to its full potential. Fewer still have a firm grasp of the basic public speaking skills that can breathe life into presentations, allowing them to be delivered with style and confidence. There is even a built in PowerPoint feature “Presentation coach” which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to give speaker feedback.

To become a great presenter, you need to master both the use of PowerPoint visual aids and its latest features, as well as in speaking so that others will listen! Below images demonstrate what you will learn to create. You will also know how to create eye catching brochures for non-spoken presentations, or to send documents to people after a talk in a modern visual & interactive way. 

Participants will also receive the WowerPoint recipe book with PowerPoint enhancement objects including 600+ recolourable icons, an amazing "type in slideshow mode text box" and assistant shapers for full screen images.

To help participants achieve this, EuroCham is proud to feature a course on PowerPoint Design and Public Speaking

On this unique and practical course, developed specifically for the Cambodian market, you will learn how to master PowerPoint from our expert trainer who was granted the Microsoft MVP award putting him amongst the top 100 Excel & PowerPoint people in the world. You’ll have the opportunity to practice your PowerPoint design and public speaking, all while networking and interacting with like-minded individuals in a friendly learning environment. 

This Training Course has limited seating (12 spaces) and is based on a first-come-first-serve basis. Advance payment is recommended to book your spot. This course will be conducted in English. 

Make your reservations today! 

Course Testimonial

This course was highly rated by previous participants, with an average score of 4.7 out of 5

"I learnt how to use PowerPoint to its full potential! This course taught me new features, rules for slide design, and improved my ability to deliver my presentations in a memorable and meaningful way, thank you!"

About the Course:

This 3-Day, 24-hour Training Course is designed as follows:

  • Day 1: Mastering PowerPoint Visual Aids
  • Day 2: Designing Your PowerPoint Presentations 
  • Break 1-week
  • Day 3: Delivering the Perfect PowerPoint Presentation

As a side note, you can create bullet points in PowerPoint then convert it to a diagram like the one above (known as SmartArt), this demonstrates one of the many tools that almost every PowerPoint user doesn’t know exists. 

Our sessions are focused on effective PowerPoint set up, design and delivery. At the completion of the course, you will receive a certificate from EuroCham for your achievement.  

Pre-work: Each student should have a 5-minute PPT presentation ready (can be a corporate presentation, previous work that can be shared with other participants). 

Equipment: As this is an interactive hands-on course, participants should bring their laptop with at least Office 2013 installed, as well as their laptop charger. 

Click for Course Details:

Event Details

Venue: The FACTORY Phnom Penh

  • Day One: 5th April 2021 (Mon)
  • Day Two: 6th April 2021 (Tue)
  • Day Three: 12th April 2021 (Mon)
  • Time: 8:00am - 5:00pm (each day)
  • Member price: $430
  • Non-member price: $490
    • Free Lunch & Coffee Breaks


To remain safe during the ongoing Pandemic, EuroCham will provide hand sanitiser, and face masks to all participants.

Participants will go through temperature checks, seats will be sufficiently spaced apart during the events, and separated catering packages will be provided for each participant.

Who is this for?

  •  Applicable to anyone who uses PowerPoint regularly and wants to improve
  • Applicable to anyone who delivers presentations once per quarter or more frequently
  • This could be…
    •  Business Owners
    •  Senior Managers and Directors
    •  Sales Executives
    •  Communications Staff
    •  Public Relations Staff
    •  Project Managers
    •  Development / NGO professionals who have to represent their organisations / organisation results
    •  Consultants / Advisory Professionals
  • This class is equally applicable to foreigners and Cambodians and to all levels of seniority (indeed we hope for a mixture).
  • The course will be taught in English.

About the Trainer

David Benaim (Certified Office Trainer | Chartered Accountant | Data Scientist)

After 5 years at Deloitte London, David moved to Cambodia in 2013 and started Xlconsulting. The firm has worked with over 100 organisations and provided MS Office training for 2000+ students in PowerPoint, Excel, Power BI, presentation skills & email management.

David was recently given the prestigious Microsoft MVP award which places him in the top 100 or so PowerPoint/Excel users in the world, he is in daily email chains with development in Microsoft plus the other MVPs around the world discussing the software future and has weekly calls with the Microsoft development team discussing new features, issues, bugs etc.

David is Cambodia’s contact member for the UK accounting institute (ICAEW), organises fortnightly 100-attendee speaker events with Nerd night where he assists 3-12 people per month with their presentations, co-chairs the London Financial modellers group, the data residents Cambodia group and Cambodia’s official PowerBI user group. David is also a paid written & video blog author for UK’s chartered accounting institute (ICAEW), and has a YouTube channel with around 1900 subscribers showcasing how-to videos on business applications including PowerPoint, Excel, Zoom, Teams etc.

For further inquiries, please contact:

Mr. Noun Uksa

Email: market.analyst2@eurocham-cambodia.org

Phone: +855 (0)10 888 642