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  • Tue 10 August, 2021
  • 07:00
  • The Strand @ Knai Bang Chatt
  • Member Event


Breakfast at Knai Bang Chatt isn’t just a meal, it’s a journey.


Your ultimate breakfast experience in Kep

Open 7 days/week  /  7am- 10am

Asian - European buffet

+ Extra a la carte menu

15usd/ PP

From your bed to the table, you are met with a blissful breeze of the morning sea air, beautiful fresh cut grass and warm ray of sunshine, as you walk to your personal table you are seduced by the smell of freshly baked croissants, aromatic coffee & crisp bacon. Your Journey has just started…
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and at Knai Bang Chatt breakfast we wish not re-invent it, but to showcase it. From our classic menu to the local taste, start your day with our fruit, pastry and noodle buffet, while you consider indulging yourself on our Crab Benedict, this is your day, you deserve it.
Also featured on our buffet are a selection of cheese’s, garden fresh salads & cured meats. Each day is a blank canvas for you to create your flavor palate. Combine, mix, and eat from a buffet that endlessly provides a guilty pleasure to your morning craving. It’s your story, you write it.
Feeling healthy? Try refueling your body in the right way with our vegan smoothie or fresh squeezed juice, even local yogurt and granola toasted just right for you.
We have you covered to start your day right.
Breakfast at Knai Bang Chatt is a big deal, and we make it a memorable experience.

Info@knaibangchatt.com /  Tel.# 078 888 554