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  • Tue 18 February, 2020
  • 16:00
  • Online
  • EuroCham Event


Tourism is one of the key pillars of the Cambodian economy, but does it create opportunities for European investors? Join this webinar to find out.

Cambodia has experienced two decades of strong economic growth. An average GDP growth rate of 7.7% from 1995-2017 places it as the 6th fastest-growing economy in the world, and this growth is expected to continue.

In this context, tourism has a key role in the country. In 2018, 76.6% of the population were still living in the countryside. The sector accounted for approximately 14 % of GDP in 2017 and in 2018 13.8% of the Cambodian labour force was engaged in tourist activities. The number of international arrivals has increased significantly, and  the objective is to reach 7 million visitors in 2020.

Today, the sector remains at the core of Cambodia’s development strategy, with plans to modernise the sector  by encouraging  longer tourists stays, diversifying new tourism products, boosting competitiveness and improving connectivity.

These trends will have profound implications for the sector, creating challenges and opportunities for prospective investors. Join this webinar to learn more.


  • 16:00 to 16:05: EuroCham at glance and key facts about Cambodia – Tom Hesketh
  • 16:05 to 16:35: Opportunities and trends in the tourism sector in Cambodia – Harold de Martimprey and Virasha Jaswani
  • 16:35 to 16:45: Q&A – Harold de Martimprey and Virasha Jaswanii

Webinar Details:

Date: 18 February 2020 (Tuesday)
Time: 16:00pm - 16:45pm (GMT 9am - 9:45am)
Registration: FREE

Moderator & Speakers

Mr. Tom Hesketh, Business Services Manager at EuroCham Cambodia

Tom is the Business Services Manager at EuroCham where he manages the services team in the implementation of short-term consulting projects, aimed at assisting European SMEs establish business operations in Cambodia. Prior to joining EuroCham, Tom was a consultant at Emerging Markets Consulting (EMC) Singapore a Singapore headquartered firm specialized in providing advisory services within the CLMV countries. Before this, Tom worked as a Business Management Graduate Scheme entrant for BT Group Plc., and at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals as a Regulatory Strategist at the firms UK headquarters.

Harald de Martimprey - General Manager at Exo Travel Cambodia

Harold's work in the travel industry largely stems from ecotourism and responsible travel. He started his tourism career in Africa, promoting tourism as a mean of providing income to disadvantaged communities. He first stepped foot in Cambodia in 2009 where he worked with US-based Wildlife Alliance developing what became the most successful Community-Based Ecotourism project in the country then and work with the Ministry of Tourism on the first draft law on ecotourism. He then worked for a number of tour operators that honed his experience in the local travel industry. As General Manager of EXO Cambodia, Harold brings both extensive knowledge coupled with an innate passion for discovering new places whilst promoting responsible practices in the industry.

Virasha Jaswani - Technical Tourism Industry Working Group Coordinator

Virasha Jaswani joined Swisscontact in May 2019 as a Technical Tourism Industry Working Group (TTIWG) Coordinator for Kampot province to improve public-private partnership. Prior to joining Swisscontact, Virasha spent her time working within tourism industry in Kampot, and throughout Southeast Asia. She is passionate about Kampot, and is invested in positive growth within the province.

Before coming to Cambodia, Virasha attained a BA Business Economics, and MSc International Tourism Management at the University of Exeter in the Southwest of England.