Event Info:

  • Wed 09 October, 2019
  • 08:00
  • Palace Gate Hotel
  • Member Event



For most people, the idea of public speaking is so frightening they will do anything to get away from it. This is normal - fear is your body reacting to a situation that it feels threatened by. Why though can some people speak so freely and with confidence, but some can't?

This session will answer this and other questions while putting you in control of your fear.

At this BREDFast Talk you will learn:

  • What fear is and how it can affect you both mentally and physically.
  • Two, simple to learn, easy to master, and quick to apply techniques that you can use to get control over your fear.

The talk will be facilitated as a safe space for you to try out your new techniques - alone or with others and free for questions. The format is set as a 'working breakfast' where you can share, listen and learn in a group of your peers.

Come and join us at a beautiful space, with wonderful food, great company, and unlock your inner potential.

NOTE - This event is exclusively for women and will be conducted in Khmer Language only.