Event Info:

  • Thu 17 May, 2018
  • 18:30
  • FCC Mansion's Heritage Bar
  • EuroCham Event


As Europe is celebrating the Year of Cultural Heritage, EuroCham brings you a special event of gourmet tasting in a historic place!

On the 17th of May at The Mansion, this special networking event “TASTING EUROPE” will bring participants on a gourmet journey to Europe. This special event will celebrate Europe through its gastronomy and treat visitors with delicious free tastings of authentic flavors coming from all corners of Europe.

Participants will enjoy the finest food, wines and products Europe has to offer during this unique networking event organized only once a year by EuroCham. 


Event Details

Date: Thursday, 17th May
Time: 6:30pm till 8:30pm
Place: FCC Mansion's Heritage Bar
Price: $10 for Members and $15 for non-Members
Includes: Free tasting of all exhibitors’ food and drinks!

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