Event Info:

  • Sat 14 October, 2017
  • 18:30
  • Raffles Hotel Le Royal
  • EuroCham Event


Meet the Nordic business community in a fun-filled event to network and mark the passing of the summer with crayfish, a traditional seasonal delicacy enjoyed throughout Northern Europe in large quantities, washed down with suitable vodka based schnapps.

This is an opportunity to meet and greet with Nordic professionals doing business throughout the Kingdom in a joyful spirited party atmosphere.

Showcasing the Spirit of the Nordics

Welcoming the Cambodian business community with a night themed around Nordic culture, lifestyle and values:

  • Enjoy a delicious traditional feast of seasonal Crayfish air-flown from Europe, freshly prepared with side dishes by our visiting Nordic Chef

  • The feast will be accompanied by Hors d'oeuvres, free-flow of schnapps, premium craft beer, and more

  • Local band providing suitably lively music, and later on at night expect a spontaneous crayfish party singing competition between the Nordic nationals...

Come join VIPs, NordCham members and fellow EuroCham members, as well as, many other professionals doing business throughout the Kingdom.


  1. Long Table - $89 per person
  2. Private Table - (10 people, 1 seat free) - $799
  3. Corporate Private Table - (10 people, 1 seat free + logo on event and promotional materials) - $899

Ticketing & Attendance Information

 We kindly ask you to collect your tickets from the EuroCham office, we may also deliver tickets upon request.

Please book and pay for your tickets in advance to confirm your attendance, as seating for this event is limited.