Event Info:

  • Wed 18 May, 2016
  • 08:00
  • Intercontinental Hotel
  • EuroCham Event


The presentation on securities market is available here.

Currently there are several choices for financing business. Amongst all sources, bank is one main option most business owners in Cambodia chose for their short-term business expansion plan. Anyways, it seems less efficiency in term of long-term financing due to its costs and limitation debt fact. Thanks to securities market, you will have a great choice to support your long-term business plan with better costs and no limitation. Surprisingly, you will see that the securities market is more than just a source of funding! Tax incentives, enhancing corporate governance and so on will be given.

Are there any options for going public?
On the securities market, you will have choices to raise fund and list your securities whether on the “Main Board”, which is normally for large enterprises, or “Growth Board”, which is for small and medium enterprises with much lower requirements.

Introduction of the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX)
Brief about the CSX
Market Operations

Cambodia Securities Listing
Main Benefits of Securities Listing
Main Board & Growth board: main requirements and process
IPO Team & Securities Listing Incubator Team

Market Facts
Listed and potential listed companies

08:00 - 08:05 Welcoming remarks - Ms. Ratana Phurik-Callebaut, Executive Director, EuroCham Cambodia
08:05 - 08:20 Opening remarks - H.E. Mr. Hong Sok Hour, CEO, Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX)
08:20 - 09:00 Presentation - Securities Market: more than just a source of funding, Mrs. Heu Rachana, Acting Director of Listing and Disclosure Department
09:00 - 10:00 Questions and Answers session

About the speaker

Mrs. Heu Rachana is an acting director of Listing and Disclosure Department of the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX). She is one of the staff founders of the CSX with 6 years spending on Securities Listing related works. She holds two master degrees, a Master in Risk Management in Insurance, Banking and Finance, and a MBA in Responsible Management from Audencia Business School, France.
Rachana will share with you a sophisticated alternative source of funding, the securities market, its benefits, and how to access to this financing source.