Event Info:

  • Mon 05 December, 2022
  • 08:30
  • Raffles Hotel Le Royal
  • EuroCham Event


The energy transition in Cambodia is a hot topic, but how far along is the country in making it a reality?

This topic and more will be discussed at Raffles Hotel Le Royal on 5 December from 8:30am to 10:30pm.

Speakers include

  • Julien Chevillard-Chief technical adviser of development finance and climate finance at UNDP
  • Dinah Kumar-Managing drector of Total Cambodge
  • Morten Kvammen-Finance advisor at Palladium
  • Massimiliano Tropeano-Sustainability and garment export at EuroCham
  • Choon Yik Thong-Chairman of the Sustainable TAFTAC Committee and Vice Chairman of the EuroCham Garment & Manufacturing Committee
  • Natharoun Ngo Son-Vice-chairman of the EuroCham Green Business Committee