EuroCham, with the support of GGGI, was proud to launch a two-forum series tackling green financing models. This forum was held under the Energy Service Company (ESCO) Business Ecosystem Strengthening Project, a collaboration project between GGGI and EuroCham and an extension of the GGGI Switch-Garment Project.

The fundamental goal of the two forums is to foster connections between green business stakeholders and to build networks that can advocate for pertinent Energy Service Company (ESCO) /green financing issues to the government. The first forum was held on 30th September, on the topic of “Towards an ESCO Association in Cambodia”. The second forum was held on 22nd November, on the topic of "Green Energy Financing".

The forums gathered much attention and were attended by around 200 participants from various sectors including ESPs, FIs, consulting services, insurance, etc. We were fortunate to have relevant stakeholders from the Government, Energy Service Companies, Financing Institutions, and Development Partners to be speaking at the events.

In the first forum, presentations include:

  • Keynote Presentation: RGC plans on renewable energy, current renewable energy strategy, and the National Energy Efficiency Policy 2021-2023 by H.E. Victor Jona, Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Mines and Energy
  • Energy Mix in Cambodia: A perspective by Mr. Massimiliano Tropeano, Sustainability & Garment Expert, EuroCham Cambodia
  • Wind Power Implementation in Cambodia by Mr. Olivier Duguet, Founder and CEO, The Blue Circle
  • Market Survey of Energy Product and Service Providers in Cambodia by Mr. Alexander Erb, Consultant, Emerging Markets Consulting
  • UNDP’s whitepaper on the ESCO market roadmap by Mr. Butchaiah Gadde, Technical Advisor on Energy, UNDP Cambodia 
  • Consulting, Designing, and Financing Solar Projects in Cambodia by Mr. Daniel Pacheco, Founder and CEO, NRG Solutions 
  • ESCOs in the Philippines: lessons learned with ESCO Associations, Mr. Alexander Ablaza, CEO, Climargy

In the second forum, presentations include: 

  • Sustainable Finance Principles  by Ms. Sochinda Chan, Head of Regional Relationships, The Association of Banks in Cambodia 
  • Green/Thematic Bond for Sustainable Financing by Mr. Paolo Dalla Stella, Environment Policy Specialist, UNDP
  • Catalysing Green Finance: Practical Case Studies and Challenges’  by Mr. Kosintr Puongsophol, Finance Sector Specialist, Asian Development Bank Representative
  • Vietnam’s First Green Bond by Ms. Hien Minh Tran, Sustainable Finance Policy Associate, GGGI Vietnam
  • Green Investments Certification by Ms. Lina Vo, Regional Sustainability Services Manager, Bureau Veritas 
  • Green Financing Option: ESCO Business Model by Mr. Butchaiah Gadde, Technical Advisor on Energy, UNDP Cambodia
  • Potential for Energy Efficiency in Garment Factories by Mr. Md. Mahfuzur Rahman, Senior Officer – Sustainable Energy, GGGI Cambodia
  • Sustainable Supply Chain in Garment Factories by Mr. Ly Tek Heng, Executive Manager, GMAC
  • Value Chain Financing for Solar by Mr. Bun Chan Phiworth, Head of Supply Chain Financing, AMK 

You can access the forums slides as follow:

Towards an ESCO Association         Green Energy Financing

 "Towards an ESCO Association" Forum Slide            "Green Energy Financing" Forum Slide