To fully realize Cambodia's green investment potential, EuroCham and GGGI are collaborating on the 'ESCO Business Ecosystem Strengthening Project,' which aims to identify strong existing and emerging clean energy actors (such as technology vendors, EPC companies). This project is an extension of the SWITCH Garment Project which has been carried out by GGGI. The goal of this project is to create new business opportunities in the green energy industry, promote ESCO business models, and encourage technical and financial innovation in order to boost the clean energy business environment. The following table lists the names of ESCO/EPC companies in Cambodia. 


Company Name   

Primary Sector 


Contact Details                         

Sitong Boiler (manufacturer)


Sitong Boiler Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Grade A industrial boilers, and engages in industrial boiler design, manufacturing, transportation, installation, and after-sale service.


Yuanda Boiler (manufacturer)


Henan Yuanda Boiler Corporation Ltd., was founded in 1956.  The main products are oil gas-fired steam and hot water boiler, coal/biomass fired grate boiler, thermal oil heater, electric heating boiler etc. 

(+86)371 601 377 16

Sok Enterprise (manufacturer)


Sok enterprise works with you to identify, design and implement improvements to your steam system, and then help you to maintain the resulting system efficiency gains. They offer service support and maintenance services.

023 990 704

ACE Cookstoves

Clean Energy Cooking

ACE is a B-Corp certified enterprise focused on enabling decentralised access to clean energy for rural households in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. 

063 900 047


Clean Energy Cooking

ATEC Modern Biodigester turns cow & pig manure into safe and clean cooking gas and organic fertilizer for your crops

097 654 7760

Khmer Green Charcoal

Clear Energy Cooking

Combining modern processing with innovative technology, KGC is manufacturing high quality and sustainable alternatives to wood charcoal: char briquettes, made of organic waste.

097 815 9256 /


Energy Management

ATS is leading in the Cambodian electrical engineering field. ATS is serving various markets in Building, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, and Energy with both Medium and Low Voltage applications. 

023 222 411

Schneider Cambodia

Energy Services

Schneider provides energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability. They combine world-leading energy technologies, real-time automation, software, and services into integrated solutions for homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure, and industries. 

023 964 311


Energy Services

Green Yellow is a French company specializing in energy management services, notably in Solar Solutions and Energy Efficiency Solutions. They develop turnkey projects including EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) and O&M and can offer financing solutions covering up to 100% of the required investment. 

099 325 742

Lotus Green Team

EPC Engineering

Lotus Green Team is a Phnom Penh-based contracting service provider for the construction industry. They provide advanced solutions for mechanical ventilation and air conditioning systems; electrical systems; and piping systems that meet the requirements of international standards in Cambodia.

023 881 370

VRK Corporation Co., Ltd.

EPC Engineering

VRK CORPORATION CO.,LTD is a EPC contractor for Mechanical, Electrical Plumbing (MEP) system for the green building concept projects of Commercial, Residential and Industrial Building as well as high-rise buildings, etc. for which VRK provides engineering services, supplies materials and equipment, performs installation and commissioning.

089 768 077

Comin Khmere

EPC Engineering

Comin Khmere is a provider and integrator of engineering solutions in Cambodia. Comin Khmere Designs, Implements, and Maintains systems within the fields of Mechanical and Electrical engineering, Air conditioning & Refrigeration, Power & Renewable energies, Water & Plumbing, Fire protection, Network Infrastructure, Security & Automation and Elevators & Escalators solutions.

023 982 540

BEE Incorporations

Green Buildings and Energy

At BEE we aim to bring together the design and engineering know-how with construction expertise and materials specialization to provide the missing link that enables a project to truly achieve its sustainability goals.

012 856 174

Nruit Power

Battery Storage

NRuiT-Energy battery storage manufacturer is one of the global leaders in intelligent energy storage solutions. NRuiT offers a one-stop solution of lithium energy storage system for residential, industrial, and commercial users.

085 403 610

Siemens Cambodia

Green Buildings and Energy

Siemens Cambodia offers a complete portfolio of products, systems, solutions and services from a single source. The company’s activities are focused on creating value for our customers by improving energy efficiency, productivity and flexibility of their plants and business as well as enhancing people’s quality of life.

012 806 777

VRK Corporation

Green Buildings and Energy

VRK CORPORATION CO.,LTD is a EPC contractor for Mechanical, Electrical Plumbing (MEP) system for the green building concept projects of Commercial, Residential and Industrial Building as well as high-rise buildings, etc. for which VRK provides engineering services, supplies materials and equipment, performs installation and commissioning.

093 72 6192

Aqara Cambodia

Green Buildings and Energy

Aqara's vision is to provide customers with comprehensive smart home products and solutions that are beautifully designed, affordable and easy to use. Aqara is committed to bring energy efficient solutions to customers and our products have extremely low energy consumption.

0 96 6266 656

Sam Hak Cooling System

Industrial HVAC

Sam Hak Cooling System provides a complete service and installation package to our valued customers from start to finish; survey-design-consultancy-analysis-engineering. They are the professional water cooling & ventilation installers of choice for most factories in Cambodia. Products include Direct drive energy- saving motors, Air cooler fans, Fog machines and various kinds of Packing machines.

012/070-422356 /

Bright & Eternity Trading Co., Ltd


Bright and Eternity Trading Co., Ltd operated in Cambodia since 2011; we started our professional lighting solutions and supplying through wholesale and retail. The one stop solutions starts from Design, Supply and Build of Façade Lighting, Commercial and Industrial Lighting, Solar PV System and Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing work.

016 818 254

Paragon Lighting (manufacturer)


Established in 2014, to serve the growing demand for LED lighting in Cambodia. Paragon Lighting Cambodia offer a range of services and wide array of LED luminaires from indoor to outdoor and residential to commercial installation.

010 319 717

GE Cambodia

Lighting, Energy Management

GE established a presence in Cambodia in 2007, developing partnerships with private and public sectors. GE businesses that have become active in Cambodia are GE Power, Grid Solutions and GE Healthcare.

The Blue Circle

Renewable Energy Projects

Founded in 2013, The Blue Circle identifies, develops, finances, owns and operates renewable energy projects in complex and challenging geographies of the Asia-Pacific region. The Blue Circle uses the most advanced technology to build responsible and sustainable projects.

096 367 1968

Prime Road Power

Renewable Energy Projects

Prime Road Power is a SET-listed renewable energy company. We have focused on solar energy investment across the Asia Pacific region. Currently, our solar power plant’s installed capacity is 321.54 MW from projects in Thailand, Japan, Taiwan and Cambodia.

+662-105-8686 #400

VP Start Technology

Smart Grid System

Since our founding in 2014, the VP. Start Team has led the forefront of smart-grid system development & electrical grid automation solutions throughout Cambodia.

023 888 167

Huawei Digital Power

Smart PV Inverter

Established in June 2021, Huawei Digital Power Technologies Co., Ltd. is a leading global provider of digital power products and solutions. They are committed to integrating digital and power electronics technologies, developing clean power, and enabling energy digitalization to drive energy revolution for a better, greener future.

EGE Cambodia

Solar Panels

EGE Cambodia Energy Solutions Co., Ltd, is a supplier and distributor of solar solutions, including solar panels, solar equipment, consultancy and EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) projects. 

078 256 088


Solar Panels

Kamworks is the leading solar energy company in Cambodia, providing solar technologies from large scale utility systems, to PAYGO enabled solar home systems. They provide the design and installation solar projects including feasibility study, maintenance, energy monitoring.

092 962 162

Clean Tech Solar

Solar Panels

Cleantech Solar is a solar developer that finances, constructs, owns and operates solar projects. We are headquartered in Singapore and operate across India and Southeast Asia, focusing on long-term investments within the commercial and industrial customer segments.

Solar Green Energy Cambodia

Solar Panels

Solar Green Energy (Cambodia) Co., Ltd called “SOGE”, was legally registered in December 2013 to work in Renewable Energy Sector, especially in the Solar Energy field. SOGE sells all kinds of Solar systems such as Solar OFF & ON Grid, Solar Water Pump, Solar Hybrid Solar Back-Up systems, and smart farm systems in the greenhouse.

081 904 849, 012 817 038


Solar Panels

Since 2008, EcoSun is dedicated to supporting Cambodian households' by reducing their daily energy consumption, distributing a large range of solar products, from small appliances to large solar and hybrid systems, and bringing solutions where grid power is inaccessible, unavailable, or unstable.

023 666 4666

Solar Natural Solutions

Solar Panels

Solar Natural Solutions was created in 2018 to provide solar solutions in Cambodia. Since then, our client base has grown to include multinational corporations, commercial entities, and residential.  Catering to both on-grid solutions as well as hybrid / off-grid systems.

099 928 277

Pteah Baitong

Solar Panels

Pteah Baitong's mission is to transform agriculture in Cambodia by introducing high-quality, clean energy technologies and innovative agri-services specifically designed for smallholder farmers.

010 220 958, 088 280 1555

Total Solar

Solar Panels

The company, established in 2022, is a 50/50 joint venture between TotalEnergies and ENEOS to develop onsite B2B solar distributed generation across Asia. It is based in Singapore with a plan to develop 2 GW of decentralized solar capacity over the next five years.



IMB (Cambodia) Group Co., Ltd.

Solar Panels

I.M.B (Cambodia) Group Co., Ltd is a solar company that offers solar products such as solar hot water, solar pump, and solar cleaning in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

023 63 02002, 015 709 710, 012 651 900 /


Solar Panels

BNP Power is a Cambodian private commercial company, set up in 2012. The company operates as a profitable, full-service renewable energy provider, providing commercially-viable solar energy services for remote areas where the public electricity grid does not yet reach.

077 505 777


Solar Panels/Technology Developer

Okra is a technology developer who has created an innovative system to set up and manage solar electricity sharing in the most remote parts of the world. With Okra, the extra power that’s not being used by one home can be shared with the community meaning more people will have access to energy for all their needs: lights, fans, pumping water, and even rice cooking.

New East Solar Energy

Solar Panels

The New East Solar Cambodia (NE Solar) is a Cambodian solar cell and solar module manufacturer, specializing in Mono/Poly PERC solar cell and solar module, the factory and headquarter is located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and another office is in Los Angeles, U.S.

06668 9666

Khmer Solar

Solar Panels

Khmer solar has experience installing solar systems in Cambodia for over 20 years. Our customer base is divided into several market sectors in solar home systems for rural electrification, solar hot water, water pumping, industrial batteries, navigational lighting, and grid-tied systems.

023 212 212

Imperial Star Solar

Solar Panels

Imperial Star Solar (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of PV power generation products integrating R & D and the production of solar cells and modules. The base covers an area of 150 acres, owning TOP Automated solar cell production line 1GW and module assembly line 1GW.

Khmer Energy

Solar Panels

Khmer Energy is a provider of solar power systems. Our mission is to bring electricity to every home and business in Cambodia, powered sustainably by the sun.

 092656495, 070667262

SEC Solar Energy Solar Panels/Solar Financing SEC Solar Energy provides innovative end-to-end solar energy solutions, solar financing and after-sales-service. 
SEC Solar Energy is part of a global and credit-worthy company, SEC Group of Hong Kong, which was established in 2007. 

011 379 111

Solar Partners Asia

Solar Panels

Solar Partners Asia (Cambodia) is a leading supplier of comprehensive renewable energy solutions, specializing in solar installations.

0 23 990 300

SOMA Energy

Solar Panels

Soma Energy commits to provide of electricity power, electrical products, power generator set, and engineering services, especially renewable energy, by innovation and affordable technology in Cambodia.

023 722 215, 092 777 817, 092 777 428


Solar Panels

NRG is a Cambodian-based solar energy company with the goal of leading the country and the region in the inevitable and necessary shift towards renewable energy.

095 848 246

SchneiTec Group

Solar, Building Power Distribution System

SchneiTec Group, a wide range of integrated power electric companies, engages in the provision of digital power and electrical equipment manufacturing & supply, power grid and transmission, renewable and smart energy solution, technical advisory service and construction engineering & management of high power assets.

093 305 040, 061 277 881

Spirax Sarco

Steam Distribution

Spirax Sarco is world leader in high quality products for the control and efficient use of steam and other industrial fluids.

(+65) 6349 0480

Powercom Group

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Powercom Group was established in 2005 to offer our customers nationwide, exceptional product knowledge with engineering experts to design, create and deliver customers the desired end-to-end solutions of Power Systems, Cooling Systems, Water & Fire Fighting Systems, Security & Automation, Facility Management, M&E Engineering and Civil Construction.

023 990 630


Utility Scale Projects

JinkoSolar (NYSE: JKS) is a leading PV module manufacturer and energy storage system integrator. The company is the first to deploy 100 GW in 160 countries globally, including more than 17 GW in the U.S. EAGLE Modules come from facilities in Malaysia and Florida.

(+86) 21 5183 3105

Sunseap Utility Scale Projects  Sunseap is the largest and most established clean energy solutions provider in Singapore, with regional operations in South East Asia Pacific. They currently have a portfolio of pipeline and completed projects that is close to 2 GigaWatt-peak (GWp) of solar projects in Singapore and around the South East Asia and Pacific region.

098 873 149


Solar Investments  Cooper Mountain Energy (CME) is an investment company specializing in investing and developing renewable energy across Vietnam. With a strong in-house engineering capability, national scope, and unmatched responsiveness, CME commits to high quality for all projects for its clients and community. CME expanded its business into Cambodia in 2021, known as CME Baitang.