The Tourism Committee is open to associations, companies and individuals involved in the Cambodian tourism and hospitality sector.           

The Committee is a platform for discussion and exchange with the view of identifying issues affecting business in the tourism and hospitality sector and proposing constructive solutions to the Royal Government through the Government-Private Sector Forum and other venues of consultation.

In early 2015, EuroCham successfully nominated the Chairman of its Tourism Commit-tee, Mr. LUU Meng, to be elected as Co-Chair of the Government-Private Sector Forum Tourism Working Group. As such EuroCham ensures the Secretariat of the G-PSF Tourism Working Group (Working Group B) and in cooperation with Cambodia Tourism Federation.


  • Federate various associations of the Tourism and Hospitality Sector in one representative and legitimate Committee;
  • Encourage joint initiatives by the Private Sector in order to promote the development of the Tourism and Hospitality sector;
  • Promote dialogue between the private sector and the Royal Government of Cambodia and to represent the voice of the private sector in various venues of public-private dialogue;
  • Closely work with the Government-Private Sector Forum and the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce in order to address issues affecting the sector and propose constructive solutions to the Royal Government.


Executive Committee

Luu Meng
Sharee Bauld
Secretary General