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Green businesses (also known as sustainable businesses) minimize negative impacts on the global or local environment, community and society. The Green Biz Committee is open to all companies and individuals that either work in the green business sector – e.g. renewable energy or waste management, or operate their businesses by respecting green principals – e.g. energy efficiency or low carbon dioxide emissions.

The Committee is a platform for information sharing and discussion, and concerns itself with matters that solely relate to green industries while seeking to provide Cambodian authorities with relevant and constructive policy inputs. The main objective is to raise awareness for green business practices in Cambodia and to draw public attention on issues that require urgent revision.


  • Promote adoption and implementation of green business practices in Cambodia in order to assist Cambodia’s sustainable development and economic growth.
  • Provide a forum for companies involved in Green Business to discuss common issues and challenges to the industry in Cambodia and to work with the Royal Government of Cambodia and other relevant agencies and authorities to seek for improvement.
  • Develop position papers and contribute to the EuroCham White Book

Committee Leadership 

Dr. Sajith Edirisuriya
Ms. Cécile Dahomé
Mr. HO Varabott
Vice-Chairman in charge of Green Energy Finance Sub-Committee
Rogier Van Mansvelt
Vice-Chairman - GGGI
Mr. Natharoun Ngo Son