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The Garment & Manufacturing Committee is open to EuroCham members linked to the garment and manufacturing industry. It welcomes garment, textile, footwear, travel goods factories, brands and, certifier bodies, etc.

The Garment & Manufacturing committee is a forum for peers-to-peers exchanges. It allows its members to organize industry-focused events. Through this committee, the members can voice their concerns and challenges and shape their recommendations to the Royal Government of Cambodia.


  • Create an alternative voice in the country that can assist in the development of the Cambodian economy as a whole
  • Promoting a progressive legislation
  • Promote a sustainable Garment industry
  • Organisation of public-private sector forums
  • Being a focal point of contact for new European investors and sourcing companies in the sector in Cambodia
  • Develop joint positions and/or jointly engage in public-private dialogue
  • Organising professional training series

Committee Leadership 


Mr. Emerald Am
Mr. Choon Yik Thong
Ms. Molika Meas