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The Agribusiness Committee is open to EuroCham members which are involved in the Cambodian Agricultural Business sector or have a significant interest in agricultural business sector or food processing.

The Committee is a platform for discussion and exchange with the view of identifying issues affecting business in the agricultural business sector and proposing constructive solutions to the Royal Government through the Government-Private Sector Forum and other venues of consultation.

The committee organize public events to promote public-private dialogue on information sharing in the field of agricultural business activities.


  • To promote and maintain constructive engagement with the Royal Government of Cambodia, like-minded companies and associations.
  • To advocate with the Royal Government of Cambodia through the Government-Private Sector Forum Working Group on Agriculture & Agro-industry and other venues of dialogue. 
  • To organize a public event for companies involved in agribusiness and food processing to discuss common issues and challenges to the industry in Cambodia and relevant information.
  • To provide support to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in its reforming action in order to increase the development of the Agricultural Business sector in Cambodia.
  • To develop position papers and contribute to the European Chamber of Commerce White Book and to reflect on policies, regulations and practices applied by Cambodia and neighboring countries.
  • To foster public-private dialogue mechanisms by providing inputs to the regulatory drafts proposed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries whenever possible.

Committee Leadership 

Mr. Eugene Kraamwinkel
Mr. Rajiv Pradhan