Founded in 1998, the Franco-Cambodian Business Club was the brainchild of eight French entrepreneurs with a common goal – creating a space for meetings and exchanges and developing opportunities to share resources and experiences. The sheer enthusiasm and dynamism of the Club did not take long to reach to the whole francophone business community. By November 2000 the Club comprised of about 50 members after only 2 years of existence and it became the French Cambodian Chamber of Commerce. In 2015, it became the French Cambodian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, CCIFC, a group of more than 130 members with a binational structure. Our members are businesses, individual entrepreneurs but also NGOs or international organizations harmoniously reflecting Cambodia’s economic landscape. The Chamber of Commerce is the largest occidental business association in Cambodia, covering vast sectors of activity such as the hotel industry, the IT sector, import/export trading, healthcare... CCIFC has swiftly developed strategies aimed at promoting employment in Cambodia, resulting in the creation of the yearly Career Forum, from now on organized by EuroCham.

Since 2002, CCIFC is part of the Federation of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Abroad (CCI International) – a global network, encompassing 112 Chambers represented in 82 countries and comprising more than 23,000 member companies (including 50% foreign businesses) – and it has become the largest private association of French businesses in the world.
In 2011, CCIFC decided to join forces with their German and British counterparts to cofound Cambodia’s European Chamber of Commerce, also known by the name of EuroCham. Since July 2013, CCIFC, as well as other European business communities, have remodeled their principles of governance with a view to pool their resources and coordinate their activities within EuroCham. Nevertheless, CCIFC keeps organizing for those members a certain number of events such as Import/ Export Commissions, Small and medium-sized industries/businesses forums, Business Intelligence, whose members are also editors of the online magazine “Entreprendre Cambodge”.

Guillaume Massin, Chairman of CCIFC
“In some aspects, Eurocham continues the work of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Cambodia, but on a European scale, with a comprehensive team, with a larger budget, and with more international memberships. Today, CCIFC represents within EuroCham a dynamic business platform of more than 140 French companies and individual members. Our core mission is to develop relations between our members and the Cambodian business community and to encourage economic, commercial and investment relations between France and Cambodia. To achieve this, we provide a comprehensive information platform, promote members’ interests to key decision-makers and organize a wide range of seminars, workshops and social gatherings focused on the French business community. In short, we connect people, ideas and actions.”