The ADW was founded in 2001 to become a platform for information exchange between its members and local and international businesses seeking to operate in the Kingdom. The organization offers support to German and Austrian business delegations visiting Cambodia via its own network as well as via EuroCham Cambodia, of which the ADW is a key founding member. With some of Germany’s largest corporations and brands represented, the ADW remains a concise group focusing on exclusive events such as luncheons, selected seminars and relevant exchanges with key Cambodian and European partners.

Tassilo Brinzer, Chairman of ADW
“While the ADW is a small organization in numbers, we are representing some of Germany’s most renowned companies and brands which are officially present in Cambodia as well as key German business leaders and successful entrepreneurs. The German business group participates in a range of activities that help improve the business environment in Cambodia so that both European and Cambodian businesses can thrive together. The ADW decided in 2011 not to develop our own advocacy, services, and outreach efforts or sectorial committees based on nationality or national interests, but to focus on supporting a wider effort through a common policy developed by all European partners from within EuroCham in order to further improve business opportunities in Cambodia. We believe that by bundling all our interests in these areas via a strengthened EuroCham, all of our needs will be served better, and more efficiently. There are no German interests in Cambodia, there is only European and international business interests in Cambodia.”