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The Healthcare Committee consists of human health professionals co-sharing all codes of conduct issues and whose manufacturing facilities can be either located in Cambodia or in another country. The Committee aims at promoting good manufacturing practices and the highest quality control standards for local manufacturing as well as ethics for promotional activities. The Committee is a platform for information sharing and discussion, and concerns itself with matters that solely relate to the pharmaceutical industry. The main objective is to build a safe environment for patients and a fair environment for conducting business.


  • Promote the adoption ethical and fair business practices in Cambodia with the view of assisting Cambodia’s sustainable development and economic growth;
  • Promote the development of trade, commerce and investment between research-based manufacturers of pharmaceuticals for human patients and Cambodia;
  • Provide a forum in which the Healthcare Professionals community in Cambodia can identify and   discuss common commercial interests in the Kingdom; also, where it may be required and desirable, to assist and cooperate with the Government and other appropriate authorities on such matters;
  • Maintain relations with the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (“IFPMA”) and with related commercial organizations or industry associations (US ASEAN, Pharma etc.);
  • Effectively create the best climate to assure Cambodian patients access to the benefits of modern and advanced health care offered by pharmaceutical companies;
  • Represent the views of the Healthcare Group in all matters affecting the interests of its members and/or assist in promoting, amending or opposing legislation affecting the industry;
  • Develop position papers and contribute to the EuroCham’s White Book.


Committee Leadership 

Dr. Vireak Chea
Co-Chairman representing E-Health sector
Ms. Chhommonica Pech
Co-Chairwoman representing Pharmaceutical Companies
Ms. Dyphan Phirum
Co-Chairwoman representing Practitioners