The Notification No.024/18: Ministry appeals to the employers to release the payroll before the Election of the Nation Assembly

The Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training (MoLVT) would like to inform the owners and directors of all establishments under the scope of Labour Law that in order to provide the convenience for employee/worker to participate in the election of the sixth legislature on 29th July 2018, the owners ... Read More

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MoLVT Announcement 21 - The Sixth National Election

MoLVT Announcement 21 - The Sixth National Election According to the appeal No. 961 គ.ជ.ប dated on 12nd June, 2018, of the National Election Committee, the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training is pleased to inform the owners of factories, enterprises and establishments ... Read More

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NSSF Notification 30/18 - Personal Health Problems

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has the honor to announce to the public, owners or directors of enterprises/establishments and all employees that every physical situation of workers/employees that is weak, dizzy, exhausted, palpitations, trouble anxious, generalize anxiety ... Read More

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MoLVT Prakas 184 Amendment of PK 109 on Health Care Benefits

Prakas on the amendment of article 2, article 4, article 5, article 6, article 7, article 8 and article 10 of the Prakas No. 109 កប/ប្ប.ក dated on 17th -Mar, 2016, on the Health Care Benefits MINISTER OF MINISTRY OF LABOUR AND VOCATIONAL TRAINING Having seen the Constitution of ... Read More

Announcement Procedures on the Payment through Wing for Ministry of Tourism License

The Ministry of Tourism has enhanced the safety and security of payments by Tourism Tour Operators for the registration of the MoT Tourism License with the implementation of an online payment system. 24 hours after initiating a request for a MoT license, please log onto your account As long as ... Read More

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