Medicom co. ltd.
Sector: Healthcare, Manufacturing / Industry & Engineering / Conglomerate
Chapter: French

#2 A Street Down Town 7, PhumKorkChombork, Chamchao quarter, Pursenchey District, P.O Box 2462, 12 405 – Phnom-Penh, Cambodia
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Sales, installation, maintenance of scientific & Laboratory equipment (VWR INTERNATIONAL, ERMA, BIOLABO, CEPHEID, SHIMADZU, AVANTOR PERFORMANCE, AGAPPE) and medical (FUKUDA DENSHI, RICHARD WOLF, UTTNAUER, NAKAMURA, RIFAIR, URGO HEALTHCARE, SARAYA, etc.., with the Ministry for Health, the private doctors, the Non Governmental Organizations, the Universities…
Sales, installation, maintenance of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for airports, banks, telephones companies, hospitals…
Sales, installation, maintenance of industrial printers (MARKEMIMAJE) to the companies having production lines in the agroalimentary sector.
Design & installation of medical & laboratory gas networks.
Sales, installations, maintenance of general equipment, in the sector of Health, Agriculture: heavy and light equipment, ambulances, commercial vehicles, boats…


MEDICOM began its activities in March 1993 when the State of Kampuchea was controlled by the Provisional Authority of the United Nations in Kampuchea (APRONUC) as medical Division of Comin-Khmere CO, Ltd. and became independent in December 1996 as MEDICOM CO, Ltd. Its Managing Director, Jean-Yves CATRY, Electronic Engineer, returned to Cambodia in 1993afterwards 25 years of absence, having passed the major part of its childhood to Asia including 8 years in Cambodia between 1960 and 1968.


Jean-Yves Catry
Managing Director

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