Fermière Remoissenet SAS
Sector: Finance & Banking / Investment, Real Estate & Construction
Chapter: French

10 Rue du Mont Thabor
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Remoissenet SARL, founded in 1997, subsidiary of the group Fermière Remoissenet SAS, offers creation and gestion of customized wealth management service for private French and non French clients. We determine an offer of financial and real estate products by selecting the best support of the Financial Center. Remoissenet SARL provides a customized and steady follow up of its customers in order to allow them to reach their legacy objectives.
Attentive to the evolution of economic cycles, the firm takes every opportunity, unlike trend effects, concerned about its clients’ heritage preservation. A detailed analysis of assets is developed, leading to precise recommendations on the economic, legal, tax and risk analysis.
The firm specificities:
* Real estate
Remoissenet SARL has a subsidiary dedicated to the management of 300 real estate winemaking properties and lands that customers residing (or not) in France have entrusted in management. As part of the diversification of its customers’ assets, Remoissenet Immobilier selects apartments and commercial premises in the heart of Paris.
* Burgundian wine estate investment
Very active in Burgundy, more than 200 investors have trusted us in acquiring parcels of vines in the heart of Burgundian terroir.
* Berlin
Given the geographical diversification of real estate clients, we are located in Berlin since 2005.






Philippe Remoissenet